Frequently Asked Questions

Memory Lane Retreat






Q:  What time is check-in and check-out?

A:  Check-in is Noon on Friday, and check-out is 5pm on Sunday.


Q:  Tell us about sleeping arrangements

A:  There are 3 bedrooms and 9 beds. 6 of the beds are twin, and 3 of the beds are queen. 


Q:  Massage Services?

A:  YES! My Time Massage is a local group of massage therapists who will do on site massage during your stay.  They are FABULOUS and you'll love them!  Schedule your appointments directly with them at:  or 612.810.1009


Q:  Bedding?

A:  Each bed is made up with fresh, clean sheets, a light comforter and a pillow. Soft towels and washcloths are provided.


Q:  What about food for the weekend?

A:  Your group supplies the food for the weekend, and the full service kitchen should have everything you need to prepare your meals.  


Q:  What's in the kitchen?

A:  Memory Lane is equipped with a full kitchen.  In addition to a full sized fridge, oven and stove, there is a microwave, toaster, coffee maker, electric mixer and crock pot.  The kitchen is stocked with serving ware, dish ware, wine glasses, water pitchers, coffee mugs, mixing bowls, towels, pot holders and dishcloths.  The usual array of utensils and spatulas are also available.  Groups supply their own napkins and any other disposable items, such as saran wrap, aluminum foil, etc.


Q:  Who delivers pizza to Memory Lane?

A:  Glad you asked!  These 3 restaurants offer free delivery to Memory Lane:   

Dominoes       (651-277-3030)  

Pizza Hut       (651-674-8888) 

Pizza Pub       (651-674-1777)

Papa Murphy's (651) 674-0707


Q:  What can I find in the scrapbooking store?:

A: Tape runners, plain and printed paper, Cricut mats and Blades, and other basics in case you run out.


Q:  What if we donít have a group of ten?

A:  Check out our Facebook Page to hook up with others looking to join up with a group.  Sometimes groups have a few openings they'd like to fill and this is a good place to communicate with other scrappers.  Also, consider our half-price weekends and summer specials, which make a weekend affordable even with fewer people. 


Q:  Do we have to clean when we leave?

A:  Memory Lane has itís own housekeeper.  We ask that upon check-out you strip the linens off your bed and gather the garbage into one spot.


Q:  How much space is there for each person to work?

A:  Each person has a 4-1/2 foot table with overhead lighting, and an adjustable cushioned office chair to work on.


Q:  What scrap booking tools are at Memory Lane?

A:  The workstation houses a computer loaded with scrap booking fonts and tools, a color printer, a 12x12 paper cutter,  circle and oval cutter, square, hexagon, circle and heart shape maker.  We also feature a Cricut Machine, with an ever expanding selection of fonts. In addition, there are a variety of idea books to look through.


Q:  Do you have high-speed internet access?

A:  Yes! And wireless! 


Q:   What is your payment policy?

A:    A $100 non-refundable deposit is required to make your reservation secure.  The balance of the payment is due one month before you arrive at Memory Lane.  If you cancel your weekend with less than one month's notice, you forfeit your payment.


Q.  What else do I need to know?

       Memory Lane is smoke free

       On weekends, a 2-night minimum stay is required

       Memory Lane is air-conditioned

       No more than 10 people per night, thanks!


Once you book a weekend, you have first priority to book it for the next year!





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